Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prologue A Walk in Hell

Did you ever have a guy at school pick on you, write you nasty notes and whisper things in your ear but you are too much of a lady to repeat them, and no one knew?   At least I thought no one knew. Reese caught him when the guy had me pinned against my locker and in my face.  Reese wailed him.  Took him down so fast, it was done before I knew what happened.  A crowd of kids had formed before I had a chance to even recover myself.
 Reese was only with us three months when that happened-from that day forward I never looked back-Reese became a part of me. I was so startled by that-Jingle had always been a part of me since I was twelve-heck I named him. Behind the crowd, I saw Jingle’s tall form glaring down as Reese got up and left the jerk on the floor.  Jingle gave him a nod and the two of them walked down the hall away from the crowd and into the dimness. 
When my vision cleared, teachers were shouting, “Get back to class!”  It took me a minute to shake it off, something changed that day and I never forgot it.

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