Friday, September 19, 2014

Born to be a Villain!

TNT's Murder in the First rocked the airwaves with a stunning, consistent performance by Tom Felton.  You may know him as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series of movies in which he had a great role as a spoiled brat antagonist.  But he took primetime by storm with his performance as Erich Blunt, a young mogul and sociopath.

With such a jaw-dropping performance, he may be typecast, but he will reel you in and not let you go as you witness atrocity after atrocity unfold.  You will be floored by his style and execution for such a complex character.  That is hard to do working side by side by the gorgeous Taye Diggs from How Stella Got Her Groove Back.  The character of Blunt is barbaric, sadistic, vicious, and evil wrapped up in a brilliant mind.

Murder in the First has some tough shoes to fill for next season to top the reign of Erich Blunt.  Let’s see what they have in store.

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