Thursday, September 11, 2014

Little Conversations by Sibylla Matilde

Review of Little Conversations for Amazon 2013


The author captures a vibrant portrait of the characters and their motives.  The hero is Ronin.  He is a broken hearted male who’s behavior had manifested itself into separation and bitterness, until he meets Devin.
The two characters find solace and comfort in each other.

This book is an in depth analysis of a young girl’s struggle with a failed relationship.  It is about a young girl who goes back to the person who is no good for her (Jake).  Devin’s internal struggle is realistic and emotional.  Her behavior is what we hope to never see in a daughter or a sister, but all too often happens.

The plot is appealing and forces us to look at the situation with ambiguity.  We root for Ronin and Devin to find themselves and meet on the common ground they already possess, but also feel torn by the events that take place and the characters’ well-being.

I highly recommend this New Adult book.  It is engaging, thought provoking, timeless, and very well done.

Amy Rachiele, Indie Author

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