Saturday, September 20, 2014

Writing for Therapy

We all experience emotionally hard times and one of the biggest suggestions therapists have is to keep a journal using it to write down your feelings and experiences.  But sometimes the therapy you need is an escape.  There is nothing quite like projecting yourself into characters, developed in your own mind.  Getting their lives and drama out on paper is liberating.  It's a chance to separate you from your own problems and stressors, even if it's only for a few minutes or an hour to help put everything in perspective.

I challenge you to propel yourself into a story formulated from your own mind and translated into words, either on to the amazing ancient invention of paper, thousands of years old or dust off that old manual typewriter.  Even better is you can write directly on your smart phone or computer.

Here are a few writing prompt suggestions to get you started on your daily therapy.  Sometimes you don't need analyze everything that's going on around you; you may just need to escape for a moment.

Mind Challenge prompts:
Sitting in a Paris cafe, a stranger taps you on the shoulder…
The nation is controlled by…
The hotel pool is filled with blue jello…
Watching a horror movie at the local cinema, screams come from the hallway…

Amy Rachiele, M.Ed.
Indie Author

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