Friday, October 10, 2014

5 stars for Mobster's Girl from Lazaro

New! Lazaro reviewed Mobster's Girl
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 Captivating on a whole other level! June 20, 2014
“Mobsters Girl” by Author Amy Rachiele is an astounding read that had me glued to my reading device for two nights on end. Main Character Antonio is absolutely described to perfection with a stunning and deep POV that has you glued the entire time. This is truly not your typical YA Romance that is ordinary and bland, but rather thrilling and entertaining beyond words. What made this a unique and original story for me is that Antono’s dad is the head of a Mob family in New Jersey. This in itself entails him getting involved in the family business. From one aspect Antonio is portrayed as a loving guy willing to do almost anything for Megan, while on the other hand he has to fully immerse himself into the world of the Mob where hitting and getting what you want (the rough way) is just a part of every day life.

The way Author Amy Rachiele places you in the center of all the action is simply brilliant. Words to describe this book are: Thought Provoking, Captivating, Original, Fun, and Intense in a well-written manner that will engulf the mind and imagination well after you are done reading. A Must Read for all and 5 Stars!

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