Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another winner from Laurann Dohner! Darkness: New Species

Page-turning bliss!  I have loved every single NS book.  Laurann Dohner has taken paranormal and claimed it for her own by creating New Species.  Its a world that exposes human flaws but also the best in humans.  The underlying tones of the viciousness of bigotry and finding love in the least likely places set the scene for the series.
Darkness, a New Species feline, is a mix of alpha-male and brooding hero.  He is blocked from moving forward with his life because of regret and survivor's guilt.  He meets Kat and things change for him.
I recommend this series because it is different and refreshing. Laurann Dohner leaves a few open ended goodies for readers to look forward to in the next book.  I can't wait!

Amy Rachiele, M.Ed.
Indie Romance Novelist
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