Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Servant by Robert Gonko

The Servant

Private detective Steve Bennett has a world of trouble on his hands. A violent sex-trafficker wants him dead, a police captain is determined to send him to prison, his family thinks he's gone off the deep end, and one of his closest friends has been murdered--all in one morning!
The murder of his friend trumps all other concerns and soon Steve is on the trail of a murderous psychopath who calls himself 'The Servant of the Lord.' His victims are the leaders of a movement to legalize same-sex marriage. The Servant strikes without warning, leaving bloody messages of biblical vengeance with each of his victims. 
After murdering nine people in the space of a few hours, The Servant is just getting warmed up. What will he do next? How can Steve Bennett stop him?

Bio: Robert Gonko
Robert became a fan of thrillers as a teenager when he discovered Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt series. These works, and others, inspired him to start writing his own books and a life-long dream was born. He first created his central characters Steve Bennett and Amanda Clark in college, though it would be many years before he hit on the right stories for them.
In his early forties he conceived the Port Mason series, stories set in and featuring a fictional city 'somewhere in America' that he describes as inspired by St. Louis and Portland (Oregon) with a strong dose of Chicago-style politics and corruption to keep things interesting.
His first Port Mason story, The Inheritance, was originally released in 2013. An updated and re-written edition was released later that year. Book two in the series, The Servant, was released in 2014. He is currently working on the third installment, "Sniper", and has plans for five additional novels in the series.
Robert was born and raised in Illinois, where he lives with his wife, Angela, and their children, Josie and Jimmy.  

Genre: Crime Thriller/Adventure 
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