Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

A new year is a great thing because we can easily measure our lives and goals in increments that give us enough time to be successful. For me 2014 marked a special year in publishing. I tackled two different genres that both hold a close place in my heart. Vampire’s Need (Formerly Sybrina) was released, my first paranormal romance (my favorite genre.)  Shrapnel’s Kiss is a military romance that is set in Afghanistan. This was a hard novel to write because of my husband’s deployments. They were difficult, unsure days in my life that I don’t like to dwell on. I feel really good that I was able to follow through and publish those two pieces.

This year, my first new publication is a short story, Winter’s World, in EROS, an anthology of some amazing Indie Authors: All of the stories are either sci-fi or post-apocalyptic erotica. This is available for pre-order.

Mobster’s Bones is coming along, and I hope to have it published in March. I have more books planned that I will keep you informed about in future newsletters. I hope your January is fruitful and that it is a great start to a new year.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Vampire Lore Re-vamped!

Vampire's Need by Amy Rachiele

What is so fascinating about Vampires? 

Dark beauty



Night Dwelling.

The ideology surrounding vampires has existed for hundreds of years.  The thread of the vampire continues to captivate readers.  From Stoker to Rice to Meyer, the existence of vampires continues to find its way into stories, novels, and movies.

Vampire's Need is a cross genre novel that twists romance, action/adventure, and vampires into a historical piece.  It is told in alternate first-person point of view by the main characters, Sybrina and Elijah.  The entire story takes place on a clipper ship in 1866.  The culminating question the book poses is without change and the stages of life, would existence be bland and not worth living?

I envision Sybrina as savvy, strong-willed, and smart—a contemporary for the era.  Elijah, the vampire hero, encompasses the contemplative immortal, struggling to let go of his past and find his way in a world he cannot leave.  The antagonist, Vadim, is a vampire that is suffering from a malady of the mind that comes from the long years that immortality offers. 

I anticipate this to be the first book in a series that will touch on other elements in vampire mythology.  Researching the extensive lore of the vampire uncovered an unbelievable amount of superstitions and tales.   Through Vampire's Need, I am weaving them together into a story of my own, piecing together the shards of history that compile the timeless legends of the vampire.
BUY LINK:  bit.ly/vampneedamazon
 “May I kiss you, Miss Sybrina?”
Darkening irises show me the fire that burns under her skin.  She wants me, just as much as I want her.  Her entire body stiffens except her head, which nods very subtly yes.  I reach out my arm to caress her around the waist, hauling her close to me.  I stare into her eyes that are distinctly thirsty with need, using my hand to tip her head up and lean down, pressing my lips to hers.  My need is triumphant, reveling in the sensation, kicking away the blandness that tortures my spirit and replaced by sweet berries in springtime.   A flood of core memories stabs at the vibrancy awakened in me.  The touching and kissing become ravenous, stronger than bloodlust. Sybrina is wild with passion... for me.  My hold tightens and my hands roam, wanting more.  It is a feverish awareness that in all my long years I have never experienced.
An alarm whirrs in the deep recess of my mind.  Sybrina is fighting against me.  The cloud of passion pops like a boil.  Audible now is her struggle to be free of me.

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