Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thin Ice is Thick with Angst!

I loved this story!
The opening scene starts with a gripping bang and keeps you rooted to your seat. The main characters, Eric Cameron and Dr. Emily Jordan, are polar opposites with great chemistry. They are both strong and broken in their own ways.
Eric is lonely despite being famous.  He is painted as a charismatic and talented hockey player.  Ms. Laverentz does a great job of pulling out Eric’s failings as well as his redeeming qualities. 
Dr. Emily Jordan is a mother and hard worker.  Her past is violent and holds some secrets that eventually she has to deal with.
I truly enjoyed this story’s voice, character angst, and tense situations.  I recommend this book to romance readers.  If you haven’t picked this one up, you are missing out.
Amy Rachiele, M. Ed.
Indie Author, Mobster Series

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Writing Therapy

Self-publishing has been a great escape for me.  We all experience emotionally hard times and one of the most popular suggestions therapists have is to keep a journal using it to write down your feelings and experiences.  But sometimes the therapy you need is an escape.  There is nothing quite like projecting yourself into characters developed in your own mind.  Getting their lives and drama out on paper is liberating.  It's a chance to separate you from your own problems and stressors, even if it's only for a few minutes or an hour to help put everything in perspective.

I challenge you to propel yourself into a story formulated from your own mind and translated into words, either on to the amazing ancient invention of paper, thousands of years old or dust off that old manual typewriter.  Even better is you can write directly on your smart phone or computer.  Maybe it will turn into a self-published novel.  You can publish your great escape.
Here are a few writing prompt suggestions to get you started on your daily therapy.  Sometimes you don't need analyze everything that is going on around you; you may just need to escape for a moment.

Mind Challenge prompts:
Sitting in a Paris cafe, a stranger taps you on the shoulder…
The nation is controlled by…
The hotel pool is filled with blue jello…
Watching a horror movie at the local cinema, screams come from the hallway…

Amy Rachiele, M.Ed.
Indie Author

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

WARRIOR MINE: Military Romance Anthology

Proceeds are donated to charity!
Meet six HOT alpha warriors and the women who tame them! Box set includes six novels by six amazing authors. Get ready to swoon over sexy SEALs, Soldiers and Marines! 

“Accidental SEAL” by Sharon Hamilton
Christy Nelson embarks on her new career in Real Estate by holding her first open house. Entering the wrong house, by accident, she finds the nude sleeping body of a young man.  Navy SEAL Kyle Lansdowne, on a mission to find his AWOL Team buddy, is staying at his buddy’s home while investigating the disappearance. When someone breaks in, he takes protective measures. He doesn’t expect to find that a beautiful young woman is responsible for his teammate’s abduction.

Semper Mine” by Lizzy Ford
A freak accident landed both of the Khavalov twins under my command, just before a routine mission turned into a nightmare. I brought home one twin in a coffin and the other in a coma missing his leg. I did everything right – and still people died. I can’t forget that night or how many lives it changed, including mine.

Shrapnel’s Kiss” by Amy Rachiele
It’s love and war!  Captain Tyler Alexander, U.S. Army, Infantry: Mission first and mission ready is his motto, but he realizes it all has a deeper meaning when he meets Junie--a Flower-power Peace Corps volunteer. Can they have a relationship in the midst of terrorists and firefights?“

"Fight to Win” by Amanda Hough
Navy SEAL, Jaxson Avery followed the example of his father, Mike—he became an elite fighter for the United States military. And he let no one get in the way. Jaxson became the youngest SEAL to complete BUD/S SEAL training at age seventeen. By twenty, he was leading a team. By the time, he was thirty his squad had hunted, captured or killed some of the deadliest murderers in the world. Can Jaxson convince Talley that she is the one regret he refuses to carry anymore? And will he ever see that look in her eyes? Can he be her hero again?

Battle Within” by Elizabeth Loraine
In high school Christine and Zachary were madly in love. Even though Christine’s parents adamantly disapproved of the young man from the wrong side of town, their love for one another transcended all that, at least for a while. It wasn’t long before Zack started to believe he was only holding her back and soon he started to pull away.  Will he let Christine help him and reignite the passion they once had? Or is the love they felt in youth gone forever?